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In today's cluttered marketplace,
branding your business is not a luxury.
It is a necessity.

Through proper positioning,
your business will find its own foothold, a special identity, in the minds of the people who matter most to you - the customers.

The tripartite process of our propriety MindJab™ methodology, Brand Positioning, Brand Communications and eBranding are the key to effective branding.

Starting with Brand Positioning, the purpose of the positioning strategy is to provide a roadmap of how to visually communicate your brand’s identity relevantly and uniquely to the intended audiences.

A company’s ability to differentiate its corporate product/services brands from the competition and be relevant to its customer is critical to its overall success. The strategy behind its positioning and visual identity is the key ingredient to managing the customer’s perception of the brand.

As a brand architect, this is our forte at Edifice. Our team of strategists are profoundly knowledgeable and experienced in helping brands find their unique niche. It doesn't matter if yours is a brand with a long history or one that was just born yesterday.

Our illustrious track record has shown that we can breathe new life to a traditional brand whose voice has been drowned in the sea of fierce competition. At the same time, we can nurture a new-born brand to be the next rising star. Just look at our list of clients to know what we mean.


Brand Communication is the
visual representation of the
positioning strategy

and it has 3 purposes:

  • The first is to bring the brand to life by giving character and personality to the positioning.
  • The second assists in differentiating the brand from the competition.
  • And the third is to tie all the disparate brand elements together with the same look and feel.

Ideas are good, only if we can express them. Retail environments, packaging structure, advertisement, brochures, signage or website... with the creative experts working skillfully behind the scenes, Edifice has all your bases covered.


eBranding is the experience identity formed by the
combined strategy of
Brand Positioning and Brand Communication.

The combined results of the above strategy should be applied constantly throughout the site and displayed prominently.

Whether the brand is new or reinvented, your strategy should be well defined, relevant and hopefully, differentiated. eBranding begins at the point of applying this well defined brand identity to your website or any form of interactive mediums.

In another words, it is the beginning of the experience identity.


Website & eCommerce
Electronic commerce is rapidly transforming the way business is conducted throughout the world. Businesses can cross industry boundaries and capture market shares with unprecedented speed. In today's highly competitive and wired business world, your competitors are only a click away.

As ecommerce grows, electronically branding your products is getting more important than ever, since personal interaction diminishes. We focus on dimensionalizing your brand in the online environment while ensuring synergy with offline communication (Brand Communication).

You cannot afford to make it hard for your customers to do business with you.

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