Denise Kan
The Templar / Business Development Executive

A pioneer in the Sales division, Ms Denise Kan, Business Management graduate from RMIT University, also Edifice Pte Ltd’s Business Development Executive, is an interesting and bubbly individual who enjoys meeting new people and loves the diversity of life.

Being a strong believer of the mantra, "reaping what you sow", coupled with her prior sales experiences in her earlier years, Denise is extremely passionate about sales. Equipped with a determined and outgoing personality, she believes in integrity selling regardless of difficulties, providing excellent customer service to differentiate her from the rest.

Knowing that the key to success is a perfect balance between work and life, the flamboyant individual loves travelling, spending quality time with her loved ones and watching English drama serials occasionally.

She loves money, luxury brands, fashion, and stands by the motto of "Always dress to success. Dress to impress."