Fiona Lim
Countess / Software Director

Holding a degree in Computer Science from Malaysia National University, Ms Fiona Lim, Edifice Pte Ltd’s Software Director, leads the development of complex applications, its programming and logics.

Armed with 6 years of experience in enterprise business projects, she was the programmer for software houses, boasting clients such as Malaysia's National Banks.

On a daily basis, Fiona fiddles with requirement analysis, database design, coding, integration, testing, implementation and deployment on the PHP Platform. Being passionate about her work and programming, she shines like a gifted gladiator, gliding through codes with logic and ease.

Believing in living her life to the fullest, she delights in travelling and challenging herself with adrenaline rush activities such as rollercoaster rides and car-racing. In the entire opposite, Fiona possesses a quiet personality as well, where she indulges in music, movies, novels and desserts such as dark chocolates and rum & raisin ice-cream.

She lives by the motto of "Don't leave in regret, if you don't try, you'll never know".