Tay Jia Ling
The Sage / Account Manager

Edifice Pte Ltd’ s Account Manager is none other than Ms Jia Ling Tay, Marketing graduate from RMIT University, who manages all of Edifice’s accounts with high precision and care.

Coupled with her background as a Media Design student back in Temasek Design School, she is equipped with the knowledge of branding and design, allowing her to contribute and value-add to many aspects within Edifice.

The appearance of a woman with the mind of a man is how you describe Jia Ling. Not to be fooled by her looks, she is a strong individual who likes to take up challenges and always believes in surpassing them.

Her strengths include her outgoing personality, positive attitude and outlook towards life, and these complement her position as she takes pride and pleasure in meeting clients from all walks of life.

Being a sports enthusiast since young, Jia Ling enjoyed her childhood. Naturally when she grew up, she continues participating in marathons, going for badminton sessions and hitting the gym in her free time. Not to forget the boyish side of her, she keeps a lookout for new car models on the road. Just like any guy, she has the dream car of her own too.