Since its establishment in 2004, Edifice has been providing brand consultancy, visual artwork, web and software solutions for both new and long established firms.

Living up to our role as "The Brand Architect", we strengthen the foundations of companies, providing them with long term strategies to create, refocus their brand identity and ultimately assist them in creating an enduring brand identity by using our proprietary branding methodology, MindJab™.

We strongly believe that after carving out one's true identity, it is easier to communicate the right message to the intended audiences, thus allowing a strong, consistent, relevant and differentiated brand to set into the consumers' minds.

While our brand specialists starts the ball rolling for exponential growth, our creative team waves the magic wand to bring these ideas to life. They are the groomers who tease and tweak, flexing every creative muscle to the max, until finally, the true personality of the brand comes shining through.

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