Toh Quan Mei
The Dictator / Marketing Executive

Pioneering the Marketing division of Edifice Pte Ltd is Ms Quan Mei Toh, graduate from National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and New Media.

Strongly believing in living life to its fullest, Quan Mei has spent many years exploring her interests and accumulating experiences. Till date, her skill set includes writing, creative thinking, online and social media marketing.

Often described as a remarkable individual living numerous lives, Quan Mei, apart from being the Marketing Executive of Edifice in the day, is also the founder of Sketch-a-Tote and a lifestyle blogger by night.

At the young age of 20, Quan Mei kick-started her own online business, Sketch-a-Tote, single-handedly managing all aspects from the designing and drawing of canvas merchandise, to photography and editing, to online marketing and branding.

Complementing her business, Quan Mei actively maintains a food and lifestyle blog where she combines both her passion: photography and writing. Possessing a keen interest in the dynamic online platform and its capabilities, her online presence allows her to be constantly connected.

Amidst the commitments she arms, she finds simple joy in singing, fiddling with her camera and watching local drama serials and productions.