Ryan Manalastas
Chevalier / Software Director

Mr Ryan Manalastas, Edifice Pte Ltd’s Software Director, is an innate logical thinker who is naturally led into the world of programming.

Backed up by his degree in Computer Engineering and 6 years' experience in the Philippines, Ryan continues to refine his expertise in web development using PHP language in Edifice.

Drawn to and fascinated with the rich dynamics of technologies and various solutions, he looks forward to the beginning of each new project and constantly explores and learns new approaches to work. He is never contented with just the mere standard and strives to do his best till the completion of the project.

An explorer at heart, Ryan is constantly intrigued by how machines work and enjoy watching mechanics and robotics series on Discovery Science channel.

When away from computer, he finds comfort and tranquillity in nature by having trail walks in parks and nature reserves with his wife. Ryan also loves to get his adrenaline rush by challenging himself on roller coaster rides in theme parks.

Many are often fooled by his quiet stature, but when in pensive mood, he might be just thinking about his next adventure.