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Edifice was appointed by Gateway Hotel to develop a hotel reservation system that allows the guests to make their rooms reservations. This reservation system has an inventory system on its own where the administrator would be able to allocate the total number of rooms to be sold daily, weekly or monthly to prevent overselling. The allocation of the rooms can be set to automate by its own and could be intercepted to accommodate more or less rooms to be sold online at any point of them with the flexibility to edit the room rates as well.

For blackout seasons, the administrators would also be able to login and conveniently mark the blackout dates as full to stop the online reservations with a single click.

The guests who have successfully reserved their rooms will be given their booking ID which they can use to verify with the Hotel’s front desk receptionist.
The front desk would also be able to pull out the details of the guest by entering the booking ID in the system.
Over the years, Edifice has also inserted in several upgrades to the system such as the implementation of payment gateways to the reservation system which actually reduces the last minute cancellation (or no show situations).



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Customised Web Application

The Singapore Youth Award is the Nation's Highest Youth Accolade and Edifice was honoured to be appointed for this e-Initiative by the National Youth Council.

The development of this web application simplifies the submission process for the nominees. Nomination could now be done online at the nominees’ own convenience. It also replaced the manual submission where the attachments of references, documents and physical books created warehousing requirement.

Key features of this development include multiple user roles to handle their respective tasks, short listing of nominees, conversions of documents into protected PDF files and the core ability of capturing all the submission into the database with stringent validation checks. This result in a more productive use of time for the SYA team.

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